Supply For Every Stride

The Loop Running Supply is a comprehensive technical footwear and apparel destination, created by and for the running community. Our shop exists to equip and empower athletes of all fitness levels by offering a curated selection of gear that never compromises on performance or style. From race day preparations to routine jogs on the trail. The Loop proudly serves both the Austin running community and travelers alike. We believe runners rely equally on physical toughness and mental grit. As individuals, we experience both the wall and the runner’s high, and as a group we share the track and trails where we get better daily. The Loop uniquely supports both of these aspects by partnering with top brands, and cultivating opportunities to grow your circle of fellow athletes.

The Loop

Choosing a name, a logo, a location – these are things that we put a lot of thought into so that your experience at The Loop will be uncomparable. We believe the little decisions make a big impact. The same can be said for a runner’s lifestyle. Discipline, routine, schedule, and having the right equipment can make all the difference in performance.

Our branding pays homage to the sport of running, one that is so simple yet complex. It is this maddening, yet supremely rewarding contradiction that keeps us going back each day for more. For all the growth that happens between the lines of the track, and the sacrifice that happens elsewhere. When you see our logo, that’s what it represents. And for those who know what it means, it represents you as well.

Hard work. Community. Leaving it all on the track.

Ring Of Runners

The Loop, stands for so much more than a commonly used route. The brand stands for all those in our past who have propelled this dream full circle, and to those supporters and customers in our future who we will consider our friends – a ring of runners.



Sarah Madebach
Creative Director